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Why Graphic Designing is best part time job?

Why Graphic Designing is best part time job?

It doesn’t matter if you’re current job is creative visualiser or not, you can still become a graphic designer and do Freelance or Part time job. In this blog you will learn how to become designer without having designing knowledge and able to earn by doing Freelance or Part time job.


What is graphic design?

A graphic representation (using image, symbol, line, color, text etc.) of any topic is graphic design. This has been oldest profession in human history what you can learn from this blog: History of Graphic Design

Today with advanced technology this skill can be learn easily because of easy availability and get earn.


Beginner tools for graphic designer

If you are a marketing manager or in any other job but want to do something creative out of your daily work and earn side-by-side, being graphics designer can fulfill that space. You need to learn about what skill do you require to get started and what tools can help you achieve it.

Beginner tools for graphic designer for part time job

Beginner tools for graphic designer

1. Online references:

One should have some creative mindset for creating a design. You can refer our portfolio for creative ideas and other platforms like Pinterest, Behance, Dribbble etc. for references.

2. Target Audience:

Know your target audience or platform for you want to design, so that your design can complete it’s objectiives. For eg.: if you want to design a creative for women you should need to research how your design should look and which platform do women look for your products


3. Commercial free images:

Use commercial free images for your design because it will help you for being copyright violation or infringement so always use commercial free images.
There are multiple website to find commercial free images like



Pexels etc. are some popular website.


4. Designing Tools:

If you are not an Adobe photoshop expert no worries, you can use some online free tools. You can use to design your content for social media, website, digital platform, Facebook pages, LinkedIn, twitter etc. platforms.

Some online tools are as follows:


Adobe express

because it’s free for you so try out these tools.


To summaries this, take references from online platforms and understand what’s your target audience is so that you can achieve your target.

Then use commercial free images to design and use online free tools to make your first creative. And congratulations you are a designer!!


How to earn using graphic designing skills

1. Social media Optimization (SMO):

You create a profile on social media platform like Instagram is great example, in that you can post 10-15 post per month and get leads for your business and earn. Same you can do for Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter etc.


2. Signup for Freelance websites:

There is multiple freelance websites available online who seeks online projects. Some of best websites are:





and more

3. Sell Templates:

You can design new templates and add to your website or blog so that users can buy your templates. You online platforms to sell and create engagement.


So that’s it guys, hope you learn something from this blog and if you have any points to add, comment on the blog thread.


If you have any query for us reach out to and visit our portfolio for designing services.

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